July 27, 2021

PPS Health and Safety Plan for 2021-22

The Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) Board of Directors/Trustees approved a Health and Safety Plan for the 2021-22 school year that details requirements on mask-wearing, social distancing, reporting positive COVID-19 cases, and more.

PPS Health and Safety Plan for 2021-22

The District’s proposed Health and Safety Plan for the 2021-22 school year details requirements related to mask use, social distancing, cleaning, and more. Continue reading below for an overview.

Health and Safety

    • Students and staff are asked to use a COVID-19 daily symptom self-screener for symptoms prior to reporting to work or school. Students and staff who experience symptoms are directed to stay home and follow up with their PCP for appropriate testing as necessary.
    • PPS currently requires all students and employees to wear a mask while inside a school district building with few exceptions.
    • Classrooms will be modified to allow at least three feet of social distancing between students and six feet between adults where feasible. Cohorts will be implemented when possible to limit exposure to large groups of students.
    • Staff and students will continue to receiving education on proper handwashing, respiratory etiquette, and personal hygiene routines. Signage of proper handwashing techniques is posted. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed in all high traffic areas of the buildings.
    • Supply and exhaust air systems will be flushed for a minimum of two hours before and after building use wherever possible. All “Cares Rooms” and main offices are equipped with an air purifier.
    • PPS staff will clean, sanitize, and disinfect daily. Custodians use a peroxide-based cleaner during the day to sanitize commonly touched points. Electrostatic sprayers are used in the evenings at various locations as needed. Each classroom is supplied with sanitizer wipes.
    • PPS will continue to host vaccination clinics and community clinics at their school buildings to ensure access to a COVID-19 vaccine.
    • The District continues to monitor recommendations from the CDD, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Reported Cases

    • PPS has installed “CARES” rooms in all school buildings to enable nurses to isolate a student or staff member who may be exhibiting symptoms.
    • PPS requires staff to report cases of COVID-19 and/or symptoms related to COVID-19, the locations they occurred at, and any close contacts.
    • PPS has a crisis team to manage COVID-19 cases reported in the District. The cross-functional team meets daily to review cases submitted on the PPS COVID-19 online reporting form.


    • The District conducts IEP meetings to address specific and unique needs that a student may have related to a safety requirement for COVID-19. PPS will be sensitive to the needs of students and staff with medical concerns.

Meals for Students

    • The food service department will maintain school-based free breakfast and lunch services, and is prepared to provide meals to students if circumstances change and the District moves to hybrid or remote learning.


    • Computers will continue to be available for use through in-person and/or remote instruction if needed for the 2021-22 school year.

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health

    • Students’ social, emotional, mental health, and other needs will continue to be monitored by classroom teachers, school social workers, school nurses, and other behavioral specialists.
    • Schools will use a Multi-Tiered System of Support and the Student Assistance Program (SAP) process to identify academic and social/emotional, mental health needs.

Read the Full Plan

For the full Pittsburgh Public Schools 2021-22 Health and Safety Plan, visit the District website. For more news, visit Trying Together’s News page.