February 25, 2021

Prenatal Mommy Care Community in Allegheny County

Is your due date in August or September 2021? Do you live in Allegheny County? If your answer to both of these questions was “Yes,” you are invited to join Healthy Start’s Centering Pregnancy Prenatal Care Support Group!



Healthy Start‘s Centering Pregnancy Prenatal Care Support Group provides participants with:

    • access to a Group Baby Shower,
    • group prenatal care with the same Primary Care Practioner up until birth,
    • opportunities to earn Baby Bucks toward big-ticket baby products,
    • opportunities to learn more about giving birth, including learning to take their blood pressure, measure for fundal height, and more,
    • additional maternity support like doulas and diapers through their Healthy Start registration,
    • a support group that includes mommies at the same gestational stage and healthcare practitioners,
    • and a holistic support network that also includes programming for fathers.

Join the Group

This support group is intended for expecting mothers in Allegheny County who have an August or September 2021 due date. If you are interested in enrolling, call 412.224.3083.

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