December 7, 2017

Public Policy Associate Shares Insight on New Pre-K Report

“Pittsburgh educators and community leaders are part of a growing movement in cities across the country committed to improving access to high-quality pre-kindergarten programs as fundamental building blocks for a lifetime of learning.

Benefits for kids range from improvements in literacy, language, math and social skills, to decreased grade repetition and special education placement and increased rates of high school graduation and college enrollment.

The Pittsburgh Association for The Education of Young Children (PAEYC) recently released a comprehensive report – “Increasing Early Care and Education Opportunities in Pittsburgh: A Review of Pre-Kindergarten Expansion in U.S. Cities” – which compares pre-k programs among 17 cities to identify challenges and highlight opportunities for advancement.

Emily Neff, PAEYC public policy associate, served as lead author and editor of the report that she says will be helpful in planning next steps for Pittsburgh’s Early Childhood Education Task Force.”

Kidsburgh sat down with Neff to discuss results of the report.

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