September 19, 2022

September is Attendance Awareness Month

September is Attendance Awareness Month.

Attendance Awareness Month is designated by the Attendance Awareness Campaign – led by Attendance Works and 10 national partners – which broadcasts the message that every day a student is in school is an opportunity to learn, build relationships, and access support.

About the Attendance Awareness Campaign

Through the Attendance Awareness Campaign, schools, localities, and states are urged to promote the value of good attendance and to take concrete steps toward reducing chronic absence. The theme for 2022’s campaign is “Stay Connected, Keep Learning!”

Regular attendance is vital for student success. When students attend regularly, starting as early as preschool and kindergarten, they have an opportunity to achieve academically and thrive.

Research shows that when students are chronically absent, (missing 10% or more of the school year or 18 days over an entire year), they are less likely to read proficiently by third grade, achieve in middle school and graduate from high school. Over two years into the pandemic, chronic absence has nearly tripled.

The Attendance Awareness Campaign suggests considering the following key messages to help improve attendance, connection, and achievement:

  1. Reducing chronic absence can help address educational inequity.

  2. Building trusting relationships that promote belonging is fundamental to improving student attendance and engagement.

  3. Students are more likely to attend school if they feel safe, connected and supported.

  4. A positive, problem-solving approach driven by data will improve attendance.

  5. Supporting students, families and school staff physically and emotionally improves attendance.

  6. When the whole community collaborates with families and schools, we can overcome systemic barriers to attendance and engagement.

For more information about how to get involved, attendance resources, messaging, and professional development opportunities, visit the Attendance Works website.

Image: An early learning professional leads circle time with her young learners.