September 4, 2018

Sign up for Recess Advocacy Team Alerts

An initiative of the Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative, the Recess Advocacy Team is a group of organizations dedicated to health and wellness, education, and play with a focus on recess practices and policies in Pre-K through 6th grade in Allegheny County. Sign up to learn more about the team, our work, next steps, or how to get involved. 

The recess advocacy team seeks to:

  • Educate and advocate for the importance of recess.
  • Engage with children, families, and educators on recess experiences.
  • Establish a resource for recess-related advocacy, policy, and best practices for both families and educators.
  • Engage stakeholders (additional organizations, parents, community members, teachers, principals, etc.) to support recess advocacy work.

Additionally, the Recess Advocacy Team created a survey to go out to parents, caregivers and educators in Allegheny County in order to highlight best practices and offer support for recess across Allegheny County. Find the survey online.