March 29, 2021

Study Provides Free Uber Rides for Mothers

Are you a mother who does not have regular access to a reliable car? You may be eligible for a Carnegie Mellon University research study that offers free Uber rides to eligible women!


About the Project

This study is offering at least $200 worth of free trips on Uber anywhere in the Pittsburgh area to eligible women. The goal is to see if women with children earn more income if they have access to convenient, low-cost transportation. Results of this study ay help Allegheny County develop better transportation solutions for working families with children. When you take an Uber trip during the study, Uber will share your trip pickup location, drop-off location, and trip times with the researchers.

Study Expectations

To be eligible, interested mothers must:

    • be at least 18 years old;
    • have one or more children who are under the age of 18;
    • lack regular access to a reliable car; and
    • be looking for a job, looking for a better job, or seeking to work more hours.

Participation is completely voluntary and is expected to last for about six months. Participants will also have to complete short online surveys on a regular basis. Responses are kept strictly confidential. Participants will receive $10 for each monthly survey they complete.

Join the Study

To apply, complete the online application. For questions, contact the Carnegie Mellon University team at 412.228.0564 or Share this flyer with your network.