March 21, 2023

Vote School Board First Shares Key Election Information

Vote School Board First! recently shared key dates regarding the 2023 Pittsburgh Primary Election and is encouraging voters in the City of Pittsburgh to vote for school board members on May 16, 2023.

Vote School Board First! does not support or endorse any specific candidate. The coalition’s goal is to educate the community and promote increased participation in school board elections.

Key Dates

On May 16, voters will vote in the primary elections and select school board candidates for Pittsburgh Public School districts 2, 4, 6, and 8. If you are a registered voter, mark your calendar for these key dates:

  • April 1: Vote School Board First! publishes responses to Candidate Questionnaire
  • May 1: Last Day to Register to Vote!
  • May 9: Last Day to Apply for Absentee or Mail In Ballot
  • May 16: Last Day to Return Mail or Absentee Ballots by 8:00 PM

Register to Vote

The deadline to register to vote is May 1. If you are not registered, register now by completing the Voter Registration Application.

If you are uncertain of your registration status, check it using the Pennsylvania Department of State Voter Registration Status Tool.

Find Your Polling Place

Not sure where to vote? Use the Pennsylvania Department of State Polling Place Search Tool to locate your polling place for election day.

Reasons to Vote

Vote School Board First! encourages voters to participate in school board elections because:

  1. A high quality public education is a cornerstone of a functioning democracy.
  2. Gaps in opportunities for Pittsburgh children based on race persist.
  3. Opportunities to thrive in our current society and economy require more education.
  4. Only one in five registered voters participate in school board elections.
  5. Schools spend most of your tax dollars.

Find details on the Vote School Board First! website.

Learn More

If have questions about your registration status, polling place, or the May 16 election, visit the Allegheny County Elections website or contact the county election office at:

Phone Number

(412) 350-4500


Allegheny County Elections Division
542 Forbes Ave., Suite 312
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-2953.


Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.