February 15, 2023

Home Grown Child Care Shares Tax Guidance for Home-based Child Care Providers

Home Grown Child Care has partnered with Civitas Strategies to develop a tax workbook for home-based child care providers. “Preparing for Tax Season: A Guide for Home-based Child Care Providers,” is available in English and Spanish.

About the 2022 Tax Workbook

This tax workbook was created to provide home-based child care providers with timely guidance on navigating tax preparation. It is designed to simplify the process of completing taxes and to alleviate tax-based stress by providing step-by-step guidance on tax work.

Home-based child care providers can share this resource with a tax professional or use it to complete their own taxes.

Download the 2022 Tax Workbook

Download the workbook in English

Download the workbook in Spanish 

Learn More

To learn more about Home Grown Child Care’s 2022 tax workbook, visit the Home Grown Child Care website.

To find tax guides for all child care providers, visit the “New Tax Guides for Child Care Professionals,” Trying Together webpage.