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March 9, 2020

Promoting Infant and Toddler Social and Emotional Development

Monday, 12:00 pm to 12:00 pm $16

Are you interested in learning how to better support children’s social and emotional development? Join Trying Together for our online course, “Promoting Infant and Toddler Social and Emotional Development.”


This online session will explore the questions: “What is social and emotional learning within infants and toddlers, and why is it important?” Participants will be provided with positive social-emotional opportunities for infants and toddlers and develop skills necessary to build a solid foundation for very young children. Course instructors will discuss how to support very young children to form secure relationships with others to ultimately be able to focus and learn in their day to day experiences. Also, skills and techniques will be provided to engage with infants and toddlers to teach them to feel good about themselves while developing confidence and self-control.

Three hours of PQAS and/or Act 48 credits will be offered.

    • Core Knowledge Competencies (CKCs): K1.9 C2 and K2.2 C2
    • Keystone STARS Alignment: SQ. 3.4.4


This online course will be available from March 9 through March 30, 2020. Please note that this event listing is not a day-of, in-person event. Once registered, course instructors will provide further information on accessing the course.


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More Information

For questions or more information, contact Jasmine Davis, Professional Learning Program Manager, at 412.567.3933 or jasmine@tryingtogether.org.

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