October 11, 2023

E-Learning Course: Exploring the WIDA PreK-3 Essential Actions

A new course, Exploring the WIDA Prek-3 Essential Actions, is now available in the PD Registry for free.

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This self-paced e-learning course will introduce educators to the WIDA PreK-3 Essential Actions.

Educators will have an opportunity to build their knowledge and understanding of the Essential Actions and key concepts embedded in the Essential Actions for supporting dual language learners. They will also reflect on their own ideologies, practices, and settings. This course will invite participants to apply their learning and take action to enhance their current practices by utilizing the tools and resources provided.


To register for the course, visit the PD Registry and search the training calendar for Exploring the WIDA Prek-3 Essential Actions.

Any questions can be directed to Barry Wiestling at