October 26, 2021

Using Digital Media Resources with Early Learners

Join Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh on October 26, 2021, for a virtual professional development event, “Using Digital Media Resources with Early Learners.” Individuals may register online.

Additional Information

Understand information on how to incorporate technology into existing practices or curriculum. With intentional use and guidance, technology can improve cognitive, social and literacy outcomes for children. This presentation will share current research and suggestions for best practices from childhood experts while sharing suggested activities and apps designed best for joint media engagement.

This virtual workshop will be hosted on Zoom. Attendees will receive 1 hour of PQAS credit.


February 7, 2019

Digital Tools for School Leaders

As a school leader, you time is divided among many tasks during the day. Some of those tasks can be automated or made more efficient with web tools and applications. This session will be hands-on and scenario based, allowing you the opportunity to experience the applications in situations you encounter in your daily work. We’ll work with tools on laptops and smartphones that can:

  • promote collaboration
  • increase communication with school community without increasing workload
  • provide meaningful feedback on teacher lesson plans
  • build consensus and community for school initiatives
  • model use of digital tools for your staff
  • manage your personal productivity and efficiency

(Shared via Center for Creativity)