May 2, 2024

The Work of Fred Rogers: A Cross-Context Conference on Fred’s Legacy in Action Today

More than 50 years after Fred Rogers first appeared on television and asked viewers to be his neighbor, the impact of his legacy continues to resonate. This summer, the Fred Rogers Institute will host its second annual Work of Fred Rogers Conference.

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The conference will be practice-focused and practice-informed. It will feature sessions from educators and other child-serving professionals who will share ideas, stories, and inspiration. Questions that will be explored during the conference include:

  • How does Fred Rogers’ work inform practice in classrooms, communities, and child- and youth-focused spaces?
  • What can adults draw from Fred Rogers’ work as we seek to be children’s helpers in our world today?

The conference will be of interest to educators and practitioners who work in the direct service of children and/or families, or who provide support to those who provide support to those who work directly with children or families.

Educators, clinicians, and practitioners in numerous child- and family-serving fields continue to turn to Rogers’ legacy to inform their practice. His wisdom continues to inspire families and children’s helpers.

The agendas for day one and day two are both available.

More Details

The conference will be held on June 21 and 22 at the Fred Rogers Center on the campus of Saint Vincent College in Latrobe. The cost for both days is $275, while the cost for one day is $143.

Act 48 credits will be available to Pennsylvania educators who attend the conference. All attendees will receive certificates of attendance that can be applied to CEU credit in other states.

Registration is open through June 14.