April 11, 2023

PA Department of Health Gauging Interest in Free Cleansing Device

The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) is currently evaluating air and surface cleaning devices and asking small businesses, nonprofits, child care providers, and similar organizations to express their interest in receiving such a device free of charge.

About DOH Cleansing Devices

These cleaning devices can eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens from air and surfaces simultaneously. Free standing or wall-mounted, they utilize a standard outlet for power.

If funding is approved, DOH will purchase and distribute the devices, and two years of operational supplies, to interested Pennsylvania businesses and organizations at no cost to them.

Express Interest and Apply for a Device

All individuals interested in receiving a device must complete an application. NOTE: Completing an application does not guarantee a device.

At the moment, the application will only gauge interest in receiving a device. Should funding get approved, DOH will evaluate completed applications and award devices. DOH will award devices on a first come, first served basis, dependent upon:

  • the amount of available funding,
  • foot traffic at applicant facilities,
  • square footage of applicant facilities,
  • and COVID-19 risk.

Additionally, DOH will prioritize applicants with facilities in underserved communities.

Learn More

To learn more, visit the Pennsylvania Key website.