April 7, 2020

The Science of Learning and Teaching at Home During COVID-19

Are you interested in asking leading child development experts questions about learning and teaching from home during the COVID-19 pandemic? Join the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) on April 10 for their webinar, “At Home with the Child Experts: The Science of Learning and Teaching at Home During COVID-19.”


Are you wondering how to make sure your kids are staying on track with school work? If or when to reach out to your child’s teacher? Whether there are “fun” activities you can introduce to help your children learn?

This 30-minute informal conversation gives parents and caregivers a chance to ask leading child development experts direct questions about learning and teaching at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants will have the option of submitting questions in advance or posting them in real-time during the event.


To register, visit the event webpage.


November 16, 2018

NAEYC Invites ECE Professionals to #ProtectFamilies

In today’s world, each new day brings an onslaught of information, images, data, and stories. While immigrant families with young children may cycle in and out of the front pages, the need for early childhood educators from all backgrounds to stand together to protect and support them continues to capture our time and attention.

As an active member of the Protecting Immigrant Families campaign, NAEYC continues to stand against family separation, and to stand in opposition to the new proposed regulation on “public charge,” which they believe would punish parents and harm children. With stories of two-year-olds in court and tent cities on the border, NAEYC remains deeply concerned about what has happened and what will happen to the hundreds of children still separated from their families, as well as what will happen to the families yet to be detained.


Opportunities to Stay Informed and Advocate

Speak Up, Speak Out

If you believe in a world in which all young children can thrive and learn, our society must be dedicated to ensuring that they reach their full potential. This world does not include incarcerating children, separating them from their families, or forcing families to stop accessing critical services and supports because they are afraid. Rather, NAEYC understands and upholds the bonds between children and their families, and, as advocates, calls for individuals to speak up and out to defend those bonds.

Recognize the power of your voice and actions, and stay engaged as NAEYC members move forward on this and many other issues facing our children, families, and educators.

*Information provided by NAEYC*