March 23, 2022

GrowMamaGrow Mentoring Program

Brown Mamas is accepting applications for its GrowMamaGrow Mentoring Program.

About the Mentoring Program

With a focus on emotional and social wellness, resource connection and intergenerational cultural and social bridge-building, the GrowMamaGrow Mentoring Program seeks to help moms recognize their internal value, develop a set of parenting principles, and see their communities as resourceful over the course of 12 weeks.


The program is for mothers who:

  • can commit to a 12-week program

  • would like a mentor

  • are working

  • are between the ages of 30-45

  • have a goal they would like to accomplish

During the 12-week program, Brown Mamas’ expects mentees to:

  • Commit to weekly communication with their mentor

  • Show up to group coaching sessions having completed their bi-weekly activity

  • Attend monthly in-person meet-ups

  • Be committed to meeting their goal and implementing the steps our mentors and resource providers will give them

  • Fill out necessary assessments and feedback forms

  • Be committed to the process of growth defined during the program


Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2022. For more information and to apply, visit the Brown Mamas website.


August 7, 2020

Brown Mamas Launches Mama Mentorship Initiative

Are you interested in receiving advice, resource assistance, and emotional support from a mama mentor? Sign up to join Brown Mamas’ new Mama Mentorship program!


Motherhood can be tough, and it becomes even more challenging when you don’t have anyone to ask for advice, assist in resource acquisition, and lean on for mental and emotional support. That’s why Brown Mamas launched its Mama Mentorship Initiative. By galvanizing the collective knowledge in the Black mothering community, Brown Mamas will provide their moms with access to a group of mothering elders who have wisdom and experiences to share.

Once per month, Brown Mamas will host virtual Mama Mentoring sessions for up to 15 mamas. They will work with experienced moms from the local community to mentor new and ‘in the thick of it’ mamas through their motherhood journey. The first Mama Mentorship cohort begins in August.


If you are interested in joining Brown Mamas’ Mama Mentorship program, visit their website to complete the online signup form.

More Information

This information was provided by Brown Mamas. For more information, visit the Brown Mamas website.