September 14, 2022

Participate in Early Childhood Wage Survey

Trying Together’s statewide partners — Children First and Reinvestment Fund with Start Strong PA — are conducting a survey to determine the wages of early childhood educators across Pennsylvania.

Child Wage Survey

Providers of early childhood education have struggled with low wages for some time. These unlivable wages have contributed to the current staffing shortages affecting the entire profession. In order to effectively advocate on behalf of educators, legislators need to know the current wages that early childhood professionals are being paid in real time.

To effectively gather this information, teachers in early childhood classrooms are encouraged to participate in this ongoing wage survey. Information will be confidential and any data collected will only be reported in the aggregate. Participants will also have the option to enter a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.

Please direct all questions to Mai Miksic,, early childhood education policy director at Children First.


January 7, 2022

Participate in the Child Care and Pre-K Voter Project

With important upcoming elections in Pennsylvania, early childhood educators are invited to participate in a voter project to ensure that people running for office know and act on the issues that face everyone in early learning.

About the Child Care and Pre-K Voter Project

Through the Child Care and Pre-K Voter Project, early childhood educators will be provided with:

  • Weekly online communication to help them educate their families and have them become part of a child care and pre-k voter online community
  • Resources to learn more about how politicians and policies affect the child care and pre-k industry via brief, monthly Zoom webinars
  • “Be a child care and Pre-K voter!” signage for their center/program (optional)
  • T-shirts for families (one adult, one child size) who sign up for the campaign through their communication
  • $100 incentive for providers’ participation


Help elevate issues facing early learning to the people running for political office in 2022 and sign up to participate in the Child Care and Pre-K Voter Project!

More Information

Want to learn more? Email Kyle McMillen at Children First for more details!