April 27, 2020

How to Run Virtual Circle Time | Webinar

Join HiMama on April 30 for their HiMama Helps webinar, “How to Run Virtual Circle Time.”


In this webinar, presenters will discuss how to start or improve a virtual circle time to engage families while distance learning. Topics will include the following:

    • the planning process;
    • what equipment you can use for virtual circle time;
    • how to engage families while distance learning; and
    • a question and answer session.


To register and learn more, visit the event webpage.


June 13, 2019

Don’t Be A Trigger: Trauma-Informed Care Approach

Looking for a more in-depth dive into Trauma-Informed Care? Join Debralyn Woodberry Shaw of ELIE Circle, LLC to explore trauma might manifest in your early childhood or youth program.


Our past experiences – personal, familial, societal – influence our brain development and shape how we interpret and respond to the world. In this session, youth workers will explore how trauma might manifest in their program. Participants will also learn how self-awareness and a growth mindset aid in creating a Trauma-Informed Community and protect youth workers from the effects of vicarious trauma. Lunch will be provided.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

    • be introduced to the Trauma-Informed Care framework,
    • become familiar with the foundations of Trauma-Informed Care,
    • understand complex trauma and the parts of the brain related to trauma,
    • be introduced to vicarious trauma,
    • identify self-care and building resilience techniques,
    • reflect on their past experiences and how they influence their interactions with young people, and
    • explore the concept of a growth mindset.

Registration and Questions

To register for this workshop, visit APOST’s event page.

For questions, contact APOST at 412.456.6876.

*Information provided by APOST