May 3, 2023

ELRC Requiring All Subsidized Child Care Providers to Submit Closed Days

Early Learning Resource Centers (ELRC) are requiring all in- and out-of-state child care providers participating in the ​Child Care Works (CCW) Subsidized Child Care Program to provide their Fiscal Year (FY) 2023-24 closed days.

CCW is managed by local ELRC offices, and closed days must be provided to them by May 15.

About Closed Days

The ELRC pays subsidized child care providers for a limited number of days that their facilities are closed, when those providers also charge private-pay clients for their closed days. During FY 2023-24 (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024), CCW will pay up to 15 closed days. However, these closed days must be provided to ELRC by the May 15 deadline. In no case will the ELRC pay for more than 15 closed days per year.

In-state and out-of-state providers using Provider Self-Service (PSS) have more flexibility to manage closed days than those not using PSS. Providers with PSS access may add, delete, or change closed days that occur in the current month, are planned for a future month, or that occurred in a prior month (even if the day is not an emergency closure), if the change is entered before the 6th of the current month. Requirements for changing closed days by providers not using PSS are described below.

Child care providers can register for PSS at If you have questions when registering for or using PSS, call the PELICAN Help Desk at 1-877-491-3818.

Providing Closed Days to the ELRC

Providers Using PSS

Providers using PSS must update closed days online. The ELRC will NOT enter the closed days for you. After accessing your PSS account:

  • Click “Provider Profile,” then “Manage Closed Days.” On the “Location Closed Days Summary” page, select “2023.”
  • Large, state-observed holidays will be prepopulated. Please indicate whether private-pay parents pay you for these closed days. If you are open on a prepopulated closed day, delete that day.
  • Enter the remainder of your closed days by clicking the “Add Closed Day” button, and indicate whether private-pay parents pay you for the closed days you enter.
  • Closed days must be entered into PSS by May 15.

Providers Not Using PPS

Providers not using PSS must complete Provider Agreement Appendix B and return their completed appendix to the ELRC by May 15. To find your local ELRC, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services website.

Please note:

  • Once providers not using PPS identify their closed days, they may not change them.
    • Since providers not using PPS cannot change their closed days once submitted, you may want to limit the number of closed days you declare at the beginning of the year, in case you need to add closures later in the year.
  • If you initially choose fewer than 15 closed days and need to increase closed days at a future date, you may only do so by:
    • Notifying the ELRC at least two weeks prior to adding closed days.
    • Notifying the ELRC within three (3) days of reopening your facility following an emergency closure, such as a snow day.
  • If you do not return Provider Agreement Appendix B by May 15, all the commonwealth holidays will be entered as paid closures and will not be changed if you are open for business.

Learn More

Provider Profile

Providers located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who use PSS are encouraged to update their provider profile information through PSS. This information about your facility includes rates you charge your private-pay families, closed days, hours of operation, and activities offered. It is presented to the public through internet searches in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services (COMPASS). In-state providers who do not use PSS can contact the ELRC to update their profile information.

Out-of-state child care providers do not have a provider profile.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please contact your ELRC at 412-350-3577.