September 3, 2020

Single Mom Defined: Babysitting Cooperative

Attention single moms! Single Mom Defined launched a new countywide babysitting cooperative to strengthen single mom’s support systems and provide mothers with temporary relief to address personal needs such as sleep, medical treatment, or alone time.


Through Single Mom Defined’s babysitting cooperative, mothers will take turns watching each other’s children and participate in online and in-person programs at no cost. Participating mothers will also receive training and certifications, such as CPR.


Single Mom Defined’s babysitting cooperative is open to mothers in Clairton, East Hills, Homewood (including Lincoln, Larimer, and Lemington), and the Hilltop (including Arlington, Beltzhoover, and Knoxville). Space is limited.

To become a member, complete the online Babysitting Co-Op Interest Form. After submitting the form, a member of the Single Mom Defined team will contact you to follow up.

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April 8, 2020

#ResourceWednesdays: Emergency Child Care

Has the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affected your family’s ability to access child care services? If yes, how are child care center closures impacting your family? These are the questions at the center of the #ResourceWednesdaysChat on April 8, 2020, co-hosted by Single Mom Defined, Jeremiah’s Place, and Trying Together!

This live chat is powered by The Women and Girls Foundation.

How to Attend

If you’re a single mom, you can join the conversation in the private Facebook group on April 8 at 2  p.m. Click here to visit their page and join the group!