April 8, 2024

Apply for Home Lead Paint Removal

Allegheny County families who rent or own a home can apply for free home repairs involving lead paint.

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The Allegheny Lead-Safe Homes Program tests homes for lead and removes, replaces, and covers all areas in a home with damaged lead paint. Services include repairing and repainting chipped and peeling lead-painted surfaces as well as window and door repair or replacement and covering lead paint on the outside.

Lead is a common ingredient in household paint in homes built before 1978. No level of lead is safe as it is toxic, especially for young children. Even low levels of lead can cause IQ loss, behavioral problems, developmental delays, and other health issues.

What It Takes to Qualify

Allegheny County homeowners might qualify if they have children, ages five or younger, or a pregnant woman living with or regularly visiting them. Renters might qualify if their landlord is willing to participate and give priority to low-income families with young children for a period of three years.

Other qualifiers include whether a home was built before 1978 or if a household’s yearly pre-tax income falls below these limits:

  • Family size of 1 – $56,250
  • Family size of 2 – $64,250
  • Family size of 3 – $72,300
  • Family size of 4 – $80,300
  • Family size of 5 – $86,750
  • Family size of 6 – $93,150

How to Apply

Those interested should contact the Lead-Safe Homes Hotline by calling 412-227-5700, by visiting its website, or by emailing