May 4, 2023

Live Well Allegheny Launches “Rethink Your Drink” Campaign to Promote Healthy Water Drinking Habits

Live Well Allegheny has launched a campaign to promote healthier beverage choices called “Rethink Your Drink.” The campaign provides education on the effects of consuming sugar-sweetened beverages, like sodas and most juices, and encourages water as the best drink option to build healthy habits in children and teens.

How To Participate in the Campaign

Allegheny County residents, schools, municipalities, afterschool programs, child care centers or providers, and community partners are encouraged by Live Well Allegheny to get involved in the campaign through a variety of methods.

Visit the Rethink Your Drink campaign webpage to find more resources and information, including a campaign toolkit. The toolkit includes:

Those interested in participating can access free campaign materials, including water bottles, through the Rethink Your Drink Campaign Request Form.

About Live Well Allegheny

Live Well Allegheny, an initiative of the Allegheny County Health Department, is a county-wide campaign to improve the overall health and wellness of Allegheny County residents.

Visit the Live Well Allegheny website to learn more about the program and the Rethink Your Drink campaign.