October 23, 2019

Co-Parenting Tips When You’re No Longer Together

In a recent article authored by Rebecca Parlakian, Zero to Three highlighted eight tips to help parents and caregivers overcome co-parenting challenges.


While co-parenting is often associated with separated parents, the term actually describes a larger pool of caregivers, including parents, grandparents, or another family member. Essentially, co-parenting refers to situation where adults share the duties of raising and caring for a child. When a relationship changes or ends, it often means a big change in the co-parenting process.

As Parlakain describes, “a strong, respectful co-parenting relationship helps children feel safe and secure.” However, building such a relationship isn’t always easy when parents are no longer married, romantically involved, or in good standing with one another. Learning to work together to raise a child takes time. Recognizing this, Parlakain identified eight co-parenting tips to help caregivers overcome common challenges.

Co-Parenting Tips

    • Remember your new roles (and new boundaries).
    • Keep your child at the center of your co-parenting work.
    • Let go of negative feelings, disappointments, and frustrations.
    • Let your children love your co-parent.
    • Text carefully.
    • Figure out what works for effective communication.
    • Assume the best.
    • Take care of yourself.

For full tip descriptions, read the original article on Zero to Three!

More Information

For more information and co-parenting strategies, visit the Zero to Three website.


May 3, 2019

Call for Nominations: 2019 PACCA Awards

PACCA is accepting nominations for the 2019 Educator of the Year and the Award of Excellence. The awards recognize contributions made by PACCA members to the early care and education profession. Members and non-members may make nominations.

About the Awards

The Educator of the Year Award

The Educator of the Year Award honors outstanding service and accomplishments in the delivery of services to children. It is given to an individual at a PACCA member agency who has contributed significantly to the direct care and education of young children. We are seeking nominations for both center-based and family child care educators. It is suggested that the person has been a teacher for at least three years.

The Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence honors outstanding service and accomplishments in the field of administration. The award is presented to a member of PACCA who has demonstrated qualities of vision (ability to see possibilities for making things happen and communicating this vision to others), teamwork (ability to work with and support others) and leadership (willingness to reach out to benefit the child care community). It is suggested that the person has been a director, executive director, administrator, or owner for three years.


In order to receive an award, nominees must meet specific eligibility guidelines that vary by award. To see these guidelines, visit PACCA’s website.


In addition to receiving the award, awardees will receive the following benefits:

  • Complimentary registration and hotel accommodations for the Early Childhood Education Summit, October 21-23, 2019 in State College
  • Honored during the official awards presentation at the 2019 Early Childhood Education Summit
  • Recognition in PACCA’s newsletter, website, and Facebook page

How to Nominate

To nominate a colleague, complete the nomination form and include a written description of why this person deserves the award. PACCA encourages testimonials from children, fellow staff, colleagues, and parents to illustrate your nominee’s exceptional work. Nomination Deadline: June 30, 2019

More Information

For more information on the awards, nominating, and eligibility, visit PACCA’s website.

*Information provided by PACCA