March 14, 2023

Gee Whiz Education Providing Free Onboarding Training for Product Users

Gee Whiz Education, a family child care curriculum company, is providing free onboarding training to product users.

Offered through a series of recorded webinars, training is available on YouTube and continually accessible to child care providers who use Gee Whiz Education.

Each webinar is 30 minutes, and providers have the opportunity to follow up with session presenters via email.

Onboarding Training Details

Gee Whiz Education Onboarding Training consists of four recorded webinars designed to help providers use Gee Whiz:

Language Offerings and Webinar Captions

Non-English speaking providers can take the training in their native languages by turning on captions. To turn on captions:

  1. Click the “Watch Now” button to start the video.
  2. Once the video begins, pause it and click the CC symbol on the bottom of the display.
  3. Then, click the gear/cog symbol to the right of the CC symbol.
  4. Click “subtitles/English” from the resulting pop-up box.
  5. Then, click “auto translate” and choose the language you want.

Learn More

A link to printable Certificate of Attendance will be made available to providers who complete a short assessment after each webinar.

To learn more, visit the Gee Whiz Education website or view the training flyer.