April 11, 2022

New Social-Emotional Wellbeing Resource for Parents

Trying Together has released a new social-emotional wellbeing resource for parents through the Parenting Together Pathway.


The new video, Social and Emotional Wellbeing, provides an overview of what social-emotional wellness is in early childhood and includes topics of why it’s important, and how you and your child can work together to encourage your child’s social-emotional growth forming close, secure, meaningful relationships.

The Parenting Together Pathway is a video-based learning series to provide high-quality information on early childhood development to parents and caregivers in Allegheny County and surrounding areas. Launched in April 2021, the Parenting Together Pathway provides families the opportunity to learn more about: brain development; play; interactions and relationships; technology; child care; advocacy; early intervention; and safety to better support their children’s healthy growth.

Additional Information

Please visit the Trying Together website to view all video content for the Parenting Together Pathway.