December 17, 2020

DAP Series Parts II and III Now Available

Trying Together is excited to announce Parts II and III of the Developmentally Appropriate Parenting (DAP) Series. Through these Parts, information and resources on Childhood Physical Health and Child Care were added to the Series.


As an early childhood nonprofit, Trying Together recognizes that a child’s parent is their first and most important caregiver. That’s why we created the Developmentally Appropriate Parenting (DAP) Series to assist parents and caregivers in creating high-quality learning experiences at the earliest stages of their child’s life. The series features digital and print content that provides information on critical early childhood topics.

As of December 17, 2020, three Parts have been published, including: Part I: Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Part II: Childhood Physical Health, and Part III: Child Care. Resources will continue to be added through 2022 as additional Parts are finalized.

Featured Resources

The Series features many helpful resources for families. To help you get started, Trying Together compiled a short list of featured resources for each Part.

Part I: Developmentally Appropriate Parenting

Part II: Childhood Physical Health

Part III: Child Care

Navigating the Series

The Developmentally Appropriate Parenting Series features a search bar and filtering options to connect parents and caregivers to content that is relevant to them. Caregivers can filter available content by Topic, Age Group, Relationship to Child, Resource Type, and Geographic Location. To test it out, visit the Developmentally Appropriate Parenting Series page.

More Information

To learn more and access the full list of resources, visit the Developmentally Appropriate Parenting Series webpage.