September 17, 2020

Recess Helps Students Reach Their Full Potential

As we begin a very different school year, the Recess Advocacy Team continues to elevate play and provide support to educators and families. Recess is key to helping students reach their full potential within the classroom and beyond. Several studies show that recess increases children’s attention span and productivity in the classroom.

New Resources from the Recess Advocacy Team

Send a letter to your child’s teacher

The Recess Advocacy Team updated their student letter asking teachers to remember the importance of play to reflect our current times.
(1) Download the letter
(2) Enter information for the teacher, your child’s name, and your name in the editable boxes
(3) Save the letter with your information
(4) Send the electronically signed letter via email

If your child is attending school in person, you can still download, print, and share a hard copy.

Play and Physical Activity Resource Guide for Educators and Families

The Recess Advocacy Team compiled a list of resources for educators and families to make sure play and physical activity are a part of childrens’ days and serve as a foundation for their learning, growth, and development. This list includes resources, activities, and considerations for ensuring play shows up in our daily lives—and ways that educators and families can incorporate play/physical activity into children’s learning. Families are encouraged to share this resource when sending the letter to the teacher.

Learn More About the Recess Advocacy Team

The Recess Advocacy Team is a group of organizations dedicated to health, wellness, education, and play with a focus on recess practices and policies in pre-k through sixth grade. You can learn more about the Recess Advocacy Team on the Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative website.