June 13, 2019

Supporting Families Impacted by Incarceration & Domestic Violence

Join the Partnerships for Family Support Office of Child Development on July 23 to learn how to recognize and support children and families impacted by incarceration and domestic violence. This training is for staff of centers in the Allegheny County Family Support Network.


Living in a household with domestic violence is a source of trauma for children. Even if the children don’t see the domestic violence, they are affected by the conflict in their family. Having a parent in jail or prison is also a source of trauma, as parental incarceration may include witnessing a parent being arrested, adjusting to their parent being gone, and adjusting to the return of their parents after serving a sentence.

When exposed to situations of domestic violence or incarceration, children can develop serious emotional and behavioral difficulties, many of which aren’t always recognized by parents or caregivers. As a result, children do not always get the help they need. In this training, participants will learn how to recognize, and support children and families impacted by these traumas.

Registration & More Information

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