September 27, 2019

Brilliantly Simple Strategies for Early Learners with Tech

Join the Director of Early Learning at Scholastic, Cathy Yount, on October 2 for her webinar, “Brilliantly Simple Strategies for Early Learners with Tech.”


This free webinar will explore how educators can implement brilliantly simple strategies to engage early learners with technology and achieve reading success. Participants will leave with an understanding of:

    • why technology today is better than ever for supporting early learners and building foundational reading skills,
    • how to model appropriate digital behavior and usage, while fostering a love of reading in the 21st century,
    • what to look for when choosing a technology-based literacy solution for prek-2 students,
    • and how to manage digital resources in an early years classroom and what to expect from a successful implementation.

This webinar is best suited for prek-3 teachers and school and district leaders. Time for questions will be provided.


To register and learn more, visit the edWeb website.

*Information provided by edWeb


November 19, 2018

2019 Changes to the PA One Book Program

In 2019, the Pennsylvania One Book Program will adapt to meet the increasing need to support early literacy to Pennsylvania’s youngest learners. These changes include a shift in focus to get more books into the hands and homes of more children.

Available Books

There will be two books available for purchase:

  • Barnyard Banter” by Denise Fleming
    For infants and toddlers (available in English).
  • Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis
    For children ages three to five (available in English and Spanish).

There are no minimum or fixed quantities required. Early learning providers, library staff, and community partners can purchase the exact number of books needed. To keep costs more affordable, paperback options are the only available option.

Purchasing Details

Purchasing of the two titles are through Scholastic Publishing Family and Community Engagement (FACE) program. If your organization already participates in the FACE or Scholastic Literacy Partners Program, you will just need to complete the order form available from Scholastic Publishing. Click here for the order form.

A two-page Family Fun Guide for both titles will be available on the PA One Book website ( by January 2019. Other guides aligned with the Pennsylvania Standards for Early Childhood will also be available with activities for use by early childhood educators and families.

With this change, copies of the One Book titles will no longer be mailed to early learning programs, however, anyone may purchase and donate copies to child care homes and centers, as well as families.

*Information provided by NAEYC*