April 19, 2021

Trying Together Strategic Midway Report

In 2017, Trying Together Board of Directors and staff identified goals that would drive the mission of the organization forward. A strategic roadmap was developed for the years 2018 through 2022. At the midway point, a report was developed to highlight the accomplishments made in this time.

About the Midway Report

Never has there been a better example for why Trying Together embarked on real-time strategic planning, than these past couple years. As the organization is acutely aware of how quickly the world is changing and the importance of having charted a long-term direction with the flexibility to respond rapidly, Trying Together now finds itself at the midway point of this journey.

Since these strategic goals are being prioritized through 2022, Trying Together has highlighted within this midway report its success in meeting these, and others that require continued perseverance and reconsideration.

The Midway Report is available to view on the Trying Together website.