November 25, 2020

Parent Like A Boss: Virtual PLAY DAY

Join ATL Parent Like A Boss, Inc. (Parent LAB) on Saturday, December 5 for their free virtual PLAY DAY session.


ATL Parent LAB’s PLAY DAY Series engages participants in physically interactive games designed to connect the active body to brain development, and thus enhance cognitive learning experiences. During their sessions, ATL Parent Lab celebrates Black cultural traditions and invites everyone to reflect and share the traditions that have sustained their own diverse familial and ethnic traditions.


To register for this event, complete the online form. All are welcome.



March 7, 2019

9th Annual Student Affiliate Dinner


This event celebrates local early childhood education students and the community as we explore the power and necessity of equity in education. A panel of students from diverse backgrounds will share their stories of the educators who have impacted their educational journeys. Dr. Melissa Sherfinski, a scholar in the field of early childhood education, will invite guests to share in the conversation and explore how educators can empower students.


Tickets are $20 per person. Guests may access Commissioners Hall through one entrance where a registration table will be located. The event will take place in: Rooms 2303 and 2304; and the Laurel, Vidmer, and Mon Valley Dining Rooms. The buffet dinner will include gluten-free and vegetarian options. In keeping with tradition, attendees are asked to bring a basket donation for the event.

Registration for this event is closed. 


Vicki Hricik, Education/Pre-K-Grade Program Support