September 15, 2021

The Fatherhood Connection: Engaging Dads at the Community Level

Are you interested in learning how to engage fathers and father figures at your child care center? Join Zero to Three on September 23 for their virtual webinar, “The Fatherhood Connection: Engaging Dads at the Community Level.” Individuals may register via the online registration form.

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In this webinar, Rebecca Parlakian, MA, Ed from Zero to Three will share some of the seminal and emerging research exploring the impact fathers have on their children, and the ways in which fatherhood impacts men as well. Next, Dr. Alan-Michael Graves of the Good Plus Foundation will discuss the critical success factors for powerful and authentic fatherhood engagement at the community level. Finally, participants will explore the systemic obstacles that many fathers face as they work to coparent their children.

Learning objectives for this session are:

  • Explain common barriers preventing fathers from participating in program services on behalf of their child(ren).
  • Describe the ways in which father involvement shapes children’s development and outcomes.
  • Apply recommended practices in father engagement to a plan appropriate for participant’s setting/community.


October 23, 2019

Co-Parenting Tips When You’re No Longer Together

In a recent article authored by Rebecca Parlakian, Zero to Three highlighted eight tips to help parents and caregivers overcome co-parenting challenges.


While co-parenting is often associated with separated parents, the term actually describes a larger pool of caregivers, including parents, grandparents, or another family member. Essentially, co-parenting refers to situation where adults share the duties of raising and caring for a child. When a relationship changes or ends, it often means a big change in the co-parenting process.

As Parlakain describes, “a strong, respectful co-parenting relationship helps children feel safe and secure.” However, building such a relationship isn’t always easy when parents are no longer married, romantically involved, or in good standing with one another. Learning to work together to raise a child takes time. Recognizing this, Parlakain identified eight co-parenting tips to help caregivers overcome common challenges.

Co-Parenting Tips

    • Remember your new roles (and new boundaries).
    • Keep your child at the center of your co-parenting work.
    • Let go of negative feelings, disappointments, and frustrations.
    • Let your children love your co-parent.
    • Text carefully.
    • Figure out what works for effective communication.
    • Assume the best.
    • Take care of yourself.

For full tip descriptions, read the original article on Zero to Three!

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For more information and co-parenting strategies, visit the Zero to Three website.