July 17, 2020

Antiracist Dialogues for Action: Antiracist Out-of-School Time Programs

Are you interested in learning, sharing knowledge, and working together with fellow changemakers to dismantle racism and injustice? Join ELIE Circle on August 12 for “Antiracist Dialogues for Action: Antiracist Out-of-School Time Programs.”


On August 12, ELIE Circle will hold the second virtual meeting of the Antiracist Dialogues for Action – convenings for out-of-school time educators (e.g., afterschool staff, librarians, teaching artists, researchers) to learn, share knowledge, and work together to dismantle racism and injustice.

The dialogues consist of the following:

    • a 30-minute presentation providing context, research, and historical perspectives on main dialogue topics;
    • a 45-minute small group dialogue on a related subtopic for participants to a) share collective knowledge and b) work with other educators to determine goals and next steps; and
    • a 15-minute closing and larger group share out.

All dialogues are designed for educators which includes those that are working directly with young people in any capacity and those at out-of-school-time organizations without direct contact. These dialogues are categorized in two categories: Educators and Youth Work.


To register and learn more, visit the event webpage.


March 20, 2019

Mission Impossible: Black Child Play as Necessity & Resistance


YUIR (Youth Undoing Institutional Racism), a youth-focused intergenerational anti-racist community organizing group, is hosting “Mission Impossible: Black Child Play as Necessity and Resistance,” an informative and interactive workshop on the different ways that Black children, particularly children living in poverty, play.

About the Workshop

The workshop will work with participants through dialogue, physical play, and multimedia presentations to analyze the ages and stages of play necessary for holistic child development, as well as the racialized and classed ways in which play is deprived as Black children age and grow. Finally, the group will consider the ways that Black children use play to respond to and protest against institutionalized racism.

Learn More

Learn more about YUIR by visiting their Facebook page.