August 16, 2019

Pre-K Assessments the Right Way (Webinar)

Community members are invited to join Keith Kline and Valerie Zaryczny on August 28 for a webinar on formal and informal pre-k assessments.


Pre-k assessments, both formal and informal, are a powerful tool in identifying students’ progress, discovering areas that need attention for remediation, and providing insight into how professionals can adjust their curriculum to meet all student needs. Pre-k assessments enable professionals to assess their children holistically in the areas of writing, language, literacy, and math and offer a way to communicate student progress.

This edWebinar will be of interest to pre-k teachers and school leaders. Time for questions will be provided.

Learning Objectives

This edWebinar will help participants:

    • understand the purpose of informal assessments;
    • maintain student portfolios and information gathering;
    • implement three informal assessments on readiness, writing, literacy, and math;
    • learn observational skills needed to assess students in the classroom;
    • utilize three observation checklists that will help guide assessments;
    • use the collected information to focus on instruction; and
    • effectively communicate with the families and others involved in the child’s education.


To register for this webinar, visit the edWeb website.