October 16, 2018

Making the Connection: Manganese Exposure and Children’s IQ

Manganese is an essential additive in the steel making process, with as much as 90% of manganese consumption worldwide being used by the steel industry alone. This presentation will highlight the links between manganese in air pollution to neurodevelopmental consequences, including lowered IQ in children.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Erin Haynes, will present her work studying two Appalachian communities in rural Ohio, followed by speakers from UPMC and GASP who will relate the subject to what’s happening in relation to Pittsburgh’s current steel industry.

This event is part of GASP’s Making the Connection series, intended for medical professionals as well as community members interested in learning more about the links between air pollution and various health problems. It will begin with an hour of networking and refreshments from 5pm-6pm outside of the Hutchinson and Hayashi Auditorium, before moving into the auditorium for the main program. Walk-in registration is welcomed. Online registration available. 

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