March 22, 2023

Resources for Changes to SNAP Benefits

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro and Acting Department of Human Services (DHS) Secretary Val Arkoosh are reminding Pennsylvanians of federal changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that are taking effect this month.

SNAP Emergency Allotments—which were usually paid in the second half of each month—ended after February due to changes by the federal government.

In his 2023-24 budget, the governor proposed an increase to the minimum SNAP benefit for seniors and people with disabilities. The budget proposal also seeks to continue universal school breakfasts, an investment in children’s ability to learn and access to food for working families in all communities.

To address current needs, he is encouraging struggling families to utilize food assistance resources.

Proposed Increases to SNAP

The Governor’s proposed budget would increase the minimum monthly SNAP benefit for seniors and people with disabilities to $35 each month, as well as provide additional support as federal pandemic SNAP benefits end.

Additionally, it would continue universal free breakfast for all Pennsylvania students.

Food Assistance Resources

The following resources are available to families in need of food assistance:

SNAP-eligible senior citizens can benefit from the Senior Food Box Program, which provides additional shelf-stable groceries. Learn more about these programs from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Additionally, SNAP recipients who are pregnant or have kids younger than age five may be able to get help buying food from PA WIC. Call 1-800-WIC-WINS to learn more or apply online at

Find additional resources at

Learn More

Though SNAP benefits are being reduced, they are not being eliminated. Anybody who already receives SNAP should reach out to DHS and update their information to ensure they are receiving their maximum SNAP benefit. Additionally, anybody struggling to afford food or who may need financial assistance should reach out to DHS and apply for SNAP.

To learn more, visit the Official Pennsylvania website.

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