June 27, 2023

Who’s Stealing My Child’s Sleep? Parenting Strategies For Bedtime And Beyond

Multiple factors have been linked to the worsening sleep habits of young people, including social media, general smartphone use, early school start times, academic stressors, and a rise in anxiety symptoms. Parents of children three to 12 put in the equivalent of 18 workdays a year just trying to get their children to bed, and 77% of parents are left exhausted by these efforts. The struggle is worse during summer holidays when schedules are out the window.

In this webinar, Child Mind Institute and Fort Health tackle sleep; how much is needed for each age group, why aren’t children getting enough of it, and how parents can help their children go to sleep and stay asleep.

When: Thursday, 6/29 | 5:30 p.m.


The session will be a roundtable discussion between leading sleep and mental health experts followed by a live Q&A. The session will be recorded and links will be sent to anyone who registers.

Presented by Fort Health, a mental health provider for ages four to 19, which was built in partnership with the Child Mind Institute.