October 21, 2022

Building Relationships with Preschool Children

Healthy social and emotional development during the preschool years is foundational to children’s development in all other areas. Research shows that fostering positive relationships in the early years is key to that healthy development.

Nurturing and responsive relationships are also the foundation of the Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) framework. This webinar will discuss the importance of social and emotional development for preschoolers. Learn ways teachers and family child care providers can use the PBS framework to build relationships with the children in their care.

Key topics discussed during this webinar include:

  • The importance of social and emotional skills as the foundation of healthy child development,
  • Practical strategies through the PBS framework that foster healthy relationships with preschool children.

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June 18, 2020

Everyday Heroes: Child Care is No Small Matter

Join No Small Matter and their partners for a Facebook Live town hall and streaming premiere of the documentary No Small Matter (Executive Produced by Alfre Woodard).

About the Event

America’s early learning infrastructure was fragile even before COVID-19. But the pandemic has pushed it to the brink of collapse. Half of all child care sites are currently shuttered, and the ones that remain open do so at great risk to the health of providers and their families. With no other option but to stay home with their infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, millions of parents will be unable to return to work, paralyzing efforts to restart the nation’s economy. What has suddenly become searingly self-evident is that early education is essential. Put simply, America doesn’t work without it.

That’s why on June 25, ABCinemaNOW Live will present an unprecedented Facebook Live screening event designed to generate support for the urgent action needed to tackle America’s childcare crisis. Everyday Heroes: Celebrating Early Educators, Supporting Families will feature the national streaming premiere of the documentary No Small Matter (Executive Produced by Alfre Woodard), followed by a live panel discussion highlighting the devastating impact of COVID-19 on children, families, and caregivers, and in turn, on the economy. Woven throughout the event will be video messages from celebrities, cultural influencers, and frontline workers thanking early educators for the challenging, exhausting, and essential work they do every day.

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