December 17, 2019

Setting Your Rates: The Cost of Quality

Join the Pennsylvania Child Care Association (PACCA) on January 6 for “Setting Your Rates: The Cost of Quality and the Market Rate Survey” to gain a better understanding of the variables that impact quality, how to incorporate those key elements into your budget, and identify and combine funding streams to achieve your program goals.


Child Care Works subsidy rates are established by OCDEL based in part on the private pay rates providers report in PELICAN. Are your rates based on your actual costs? How much does “quality” child care really cost and how do you calculate that? Join PACCA to hear from experienced administrators of high-quality programs on how they budget for the true cost of quality and the funding/support needed to achieve high-quality based on their program standards. Hear tips and learn about resources to ensure your budget reflects your goals and the true costs of operating a quality child care program.


To register, visit the PACCA website.

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For questions, contact Maureen Murphy at 717.657.9000, x 107.

*Information provided by the Pennsylvania Child Care Association (PACCA)


October 2, 2018

Thank Congress for Increased CCDBG Funding

The U.S Senate and House of Representatives voted in favor of a Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Defense 2019 spending bill. This measure not only maintains the historic increase in funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) in 2018 but includes a $50 million increase! The legislation also includes support for other critical early care and education programs. On September 28, the President signed the bill into law.

Why Does It Matter?

With increased funding for the 2018 federal fiscal year, the Office of Child Development and Early Learning is able to lift the rate freeze for STAR 1 and 2 providers and increase base rates for all providers by two percent. In addition, the funding will support a pilot to contract for quality slots for infants and toddlers participating in the subsidy program and will further support professional development for child care teachers. The continued support and increase of this line item is critical for Pennsylvania to improve access to high-quality care for children.

Take Action

Please join us in thanking our members of Congress for understanding the importance of early care and education investments for our youngest children!